Version 1.2.0 Release: Character Creation

Version 1.2.0 Changelog: Character creation! Customize your sprite. Name your new character whatever you want. Chose a primary attribute to get that edge. A secondary attribute and weakness are randomly selected for you. Attributes now defined with opposite attributes, so that the random attribute selection during character creation knows not to stack onto your primaryContinue reading “Version 1.2.0 Release: Character Creation”

Version 1.1.0 Release: Infinite Dreams

Version 1.1.0 Changelog: World is now near infinite in size View around character is limited Encounters that are too far away will despawn Now you can save your games! Save/Load options added to main menu Quicksave and Quickload keybindings Music is more melodic Game tips on title screen Rest restores 100% of your health EncounterContinue reading “Version 1.1.0 Release: Infinite Dreams”